Cape Crusader

Ocean Sailor reader, Kevin Ward, reports on a gruelling passage back to Cape Town from Madagascar… South Africa pushes it’s Southern Cape into the Southern Ocean. The Cape of Good Hope is flanked on either side by two of the planets other great oceans, to the west the Atlantic and to the east the Indian […]

Cabin fever: Pandemic in the Philippines

For seven centuries ships, riddled with infectious diseases, have been quarantined in restricted harbours. But what happens when the port itself is in lockdown? Tamara Rapoport found out… After selling all our possessions and taking delivery of Looking Good II, our Kraken 50, in Hong Kong in June 2019, who would have foreseen we would […]

The Boat They Laughed At

With unemployment beckoning, Max Liberson hooked dorado instead of dole on his first Atlantic crossing Like all the best adventures, it happened by accident. By 2009 the financial crash had put an end to my employment as a motorcycle courier. I had seen it coming and gained an RYA cruising instructor certificate thinking that I […]

The Birth of a Blue Water Yacht: The Galley

Trystan Grace walks us through a Kraken 50 galley They say ‘the way to a sailors heart is through his or her stomach’! So, galley design, especially on a world cruising yacht is very important. It needs to be functional, safe, light, airy and easy to clean. Each Kraken follows this design brief, providing an […]

Designing a Kraken Cockpit Part One: Running Rigging

Designing a Kraken Cockpit

A three-part series At Kraken, we believe the biggest risk to the safety of a shorthanded crew is the necessity to leave the cockpit to attend to sail setting or furling. Our mission is to design the cockpit and its systems in a way that both eliminates that and also allows a single helmsman to […]

Modern Yacht Electrical Systems

The Kraken view of a complex subject By Tom Cooper, CEO of Kraken Yachts Our objective was to design a system based on a sensible balance of the technologies available today to deliver reliable, robust electrical and electronic systems that have all the modern features but doesn’t need a Nasa Scientist to operate them. For […]

Sailing The World Part Two: Passage Planning

A four part series Passages and their planning consist of the three Ds: departure, duration and destination, but they must include the factors mentioned under voyage planning: understanding currents and a long-term overview of wind trends. It’s important to bear in mind the general wind trend if the passage is five days or over, because […]

New novel published by Ocean Sailor’s Editor

Dead Reckoning by Dick Durham

Dick Durham, Editor of Ocean Sailor, has just published his second novel, Dead Reckoning, on Amazon books. Inspired by a real-life Man Overboard story he covered for the yachting press, Dick’s novel explores the darker side such an incident could offer.  A yachtsman, Duff Bundock, tries to rebuild his fractured marriage with a voyage aboard […]

Getting Kracking Again

I’m pleased to be able to report that our yard in Tuzla Turkey will be back to full production as of today 1st June 2020. In common with business’s all over the world, the pandemic caused the closure of the yard, but fortunately for only two months.  Turkey has reported much lower infection and death […]