Riddle of the Rocks

Drop the hook in the Isles of Scilly, and chances are you’ll be anchored over a wreck, as Dick Durham reports Following the discovery of wrecker’s DNA in his blood, the late novelist, John Fowles, became fascinated with the reefs that form the Scillies and which have sunk 1,000 ships. After visiting the Scillies’ notorious […]

Dropping Anchor

Readers’ favourite Anchorages of the World Showcasing your favourite anchorages. Canna Harbour From Ocean Sailor Reader Chris Chandler Location: Canna Harbour, Inner Hebrides, Scotland, UK Cordinates: 57° 3’22.372″N 6°29′ 39.664″W Seabed: Good holding in mud Protection: Good from all directions in the anchorage as marked with an anchor This idyllic little harbour in the Scottish […]

The ocean sailor knot of the month

Stopper knot The Stopper Knot is a better alternative to the much more commonly used knot for a stopper, the Figure of Eight knot. It’s advantages over the Figure of Eight are: It doesn’t easily shake out. It’s easy to untie. It produces a bigger stop. It presents a flatter face so it doesn’t get […]

The birth of a blue water yacht

We very sadly lost our colleague Ahmed Keskin, one of the founding partners of Su Marine, Kraken’s joint venture partner, to Covid. He will be greatly missed by his family and all at Su Marine and Kraken Yachts. The pandemic has also seen up to 50% of our work force affected at any one time, […]

Whiting Ceviche

(Seh-vee-chay) In The Galley With Rob Beaumont As winter takes hold across the UK this is a recipe to get you thinking of warmer climes. We’re using whiting, a very common and underrated fish here in the UK, but you can use any white fish you have available from anywhere on the globe. Whiting is […]

Forward-looking sonars

Case History By Dick Beaumont Fifteen years ago, on passage from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia to Phuket Thailand, in Moonshadow, my Tayana 58, I motored, at dusk, into an anchorage called Port Klang, in northern Malaysia, it was very aptly named as we later found out. The anchorage there was clearly marked on my Navionics chart, […]

All is lost

Directed by J. C. Chandor Robert Redford is a single-handed yachtsman who wakes up to come on watch only to find water flooding into his boat. He is in the middle of the Indian Ocean and has hit a rogue container which has smashed its way into his hull, in every sailor’s nightmare (see this […]


By Paul and Rachel Chandler British couple Paul and Rachel Chandler were kidnapped by Somali pirates in October 2009 and lifted off their 38ft Rival sloop on passage from the Seychelles to Tanzania. The Royal Navy picked up their yacht, Lynn Rival, six days later abandoned off the Somali coast. After the attack, the couple […]

Convoy of fear

A face-off with gun-toting pirates left a family sailor with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Dick Durham discovers. I’m looking at a perfectly tooled paperweight of a schooner suspended in turquoise glass, but then a bikini-clad woman walks along the deck and jumps overboard. This is no ship-in-a-bottle, this is reality. A reality that Dutch-born sailor, […]

Man Overboard

By Mawgan Grace Cover Photo by anouar olh Every skipper worth his salt should have a clear and rehearsed MOB plan for recovering an crew member from overboard, writes Mawgan Grace.  This plan should be relayed and discussed with the crew so that they understand it as well. With new and unfamiliar crew, it is […]