Dropping Anchor

Readers’ favourite Anchorages of the World Showcasing your favourite anchorages. Whangaroa Bay From Ocean Sailor Reader Graham Wilding ,SY Chiquita Location: Whangaroa Bay, Bay of Islands, New Zealand Coordinates: 35°01.30’S 173°46.08’E Seabed: Good holding in mud Protection: Good protection from all wind directions Whangaroa Bay comes from the Maori word ‘Whaingaroa’ which means ‘what a […]

Catalan Fish Soup

With Dick Beaumont This fantastic fish soup, which is a meal in itself, can be made using any white fish. If you want to keep it authentic use Gilthead Bream. Alternatively, you can use Bass, Spanish Mackerel, Snapper, Dorado or Grouper. Ingredients 1kg x Sea Bream, I’ve used Black Bream 12 x fresh live mussels […]

Voyaging with Kids

By Behan Gifford – Published by Pardey Publications “School’s out forever”, sang Alice Cooper, but for the three children of the Gifford family, it really was ‘goodbye blackboard, hello blue water’ as they set off on adventures aboard their classic ocean-girdling yacht, Totem, a Sparkman & Stephens drawn Stevens 47. Behan’s book could be used […]

The Terror

Directed by Ridley Scott – Available on BBC iPlayer In my book, Amazing Sailing Stories (Published by Wiley Nautical, 2011) ships were found abandoned atop an ice-berg by sailor Robert Simpson. The discovery was made whilst he was on passage from Limerick to Quebec on his brig Renovation in 1852. It is likely he was […]

Carrick Bend

This knot is very useful especially if the two lines, or even cables, are too thick or stiff to bend easily. It will not jam even when wet and under load. The Carrick bend is also the basis for decorative woven mats and coasters.

Schooled At Sea

Educating their three children afloat led a cruising couple to start a desktop sailing business which now funds their voyaging, as Dick Durham reports. When the sweet-lined sloop, Totem, sailed slowly out of Puget Sound, in America’s Washington State, Niall Gifford, eldest of the boat’s child crew, couldn’t swim. Just eight months later, before he […]

Birth Of A Blue Water Yacht #16

With the launch date approaching fast, the final systems are installed and the carpentry work moves forward quickly throughout the yacht. On deck, the stainless steel fittings are being polished ready to be installed and the cockpit takes shape as the bespoke helm console is fabricated. In the aft cabin, the bed frame and base […]

Fire Down Below

By Mawgan Grace Apart from sinking, fire is the main reason crews abandon ship and therefore it’s essential to act quickly. The first purpose of having fire extinguishers onboard is to provide an exit path out of the cabin away from toxic fumes and smoke. Hulls are made out of plastics and timbers held together […]

On Board Security – Part One

Guns On Board To arm or not to arm? That is the question. Should a gun be part of your onboard kit? It is a question many have asked since I first took to the sea in the late 1970s.  There are many factors to consider, practical as well as ethical, and I have spoken […]


By Dick Durham Delos’ film-makers Brady Trautman and Alex Blue took 20 cameras into the Arctic to produce an award-winning four-part documentary. They talked to Ocean Sailor about their adventure.  Svalbard was, until recently, a dreadful example of a near-pristine natural microcosm that civilised humanity began to destroy from the moment it arrived there. Killing […]