Rough And Tumble

By A. W. RobertsPublished by Sampson Low, 1936 In April 1933 Bob Roberts and Arthur ‘Bully’ Bull set sail in Thelma, an engineless 27ft gaff cutter, from Erith on the River Thames bound for Darwin, Australia. Bob and Arthur had resigned from their jobs as, respectively, a Daily Mail newspaperman and a Metropolitan police officer […]

117 Days Adrift

By Maurice & Maralyn Bailey Published by Nautical Publishing, 1974 A couple from Derby, in the hinterland of England, Maurice and Maralyn Bailey had a dream, to leave their humdrum 9 to 5 lives and sail across the Pacific Ocean. They gave up their jobs, sold their house and bought a Maurice Griffiths-designed 31ft Golden […]

Dropping Anchor July

Readers’ favourite Anchorages of the World. Showcasing your favourite anchorages. Porth Conger From: Kraken Yachts’ Creative Director Trystan Grace Location: Porth Conger, St. Agnes, Isles of Scilly, UK Coordinates: 49°53.79’N 6°20.36’W Seabed: Good holding in sand Protection: Well protected from all winds except from the west to north-west. Situated in the inlet between St. Agnes […]

Fighting Fit Fiji

Come cyclone or Covid the conch shell still trumpets, as Dick Durham discovers. When the first deluge slashed into the rain forests high in the mountains of Fiji everyone knew this was different. Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, said: “This is not normal. This is a climate emergency.” Thanks to his warning when Cyclone Yasa swirled […]

From Ship To Shore

Everything you need to know about tenders by Dick Durham Most cruising sailors agonise over the boat of their dreams without giving the same consideration to the dinghy. In part, this has evolved due to growth of the ubiquitous marina. Today, in some yachtsman’s minds, there is no need to have a tender because you […]

Eye Splice

1) Make a generous loop in the rope you will use, size according to purpose. 2) Use electrical tape to create two bands around the rope to stop it unravelling more than you require. 3) It’s all about starting right, if it looks untidy and not uniform it’s wrong. No two strands should be passing […]

Gipsy Moth IV: A Dud or a Classic?

As watch leader aboard the world’s most famous yacht, for two legs of her second circumnavigation, Dick Durham ponders the question: Did Chichester circumnavigate in spite of his yacht? Before we’d cleared the Strait of Gibraltar, night had fallen and the wind had risen: 40 knots of apparent, bang on the nose.  The pencil-slim hull […]

Easy-Peasy Quick Sashimi

Sashimi, you either love it or hate it. If your primary source of food is provided by your fishing rods you cannot eat better, fresher or more nutritiously than, straight out of the sea, raw, Sashimi.  The best Japanese Sashimi chefs are artists that take the presentation of the fish to a  level that most […]

Fishing Under Sail

My perfect day on White Dragon is fishing while I’m sailing to a dive spot. Our crew of three left New Zealand on a three month, 13,000nm mile journey to Hong Kong, with a complement of 6 frozen chickens, 5 kg of steaks, 3 legs of lamb and 24 pork chops in our freezer and […]