One Tack Forward Two Tacks Back

A former fashion model picked up her husband-to-be’s dream of global voyaging and together they turned it into a reality. Now more than 70,000 subscribers are sharing their journey, as Dick Durham discovers. It started back in 2015 when Adam Seeber, then 28, rang the bell of a cheap, house-share, rental block in Melbourne, Australia. […]

Sailing Tails: Dogs Onboard

Top 10 tips for sailing with dogs by Michelle Segrest Whether you are taking a day sail, enjoying a holiday at sea, or sailing the world and living aboard full-time, you don’t have to leave your furry, four-legged family members behind. With some preparation, planning, and a little extra work to potty train and equip […]

Built for sail or sale?

What do the phrases ‘cruiser racer’, ‘performance cruiser’ or ‘blue water cruiser’ actually mean anymore? Thirty years ago or thereabouts, sound cruising yachts won the big-name sailing events, the Sydney-Hobart, Fastnet and the Bermuda Race to name but three. Like the America’s Cup before them, these global races became the province of the wealthy. Tycoons […]

On Board Security – Part Three

Dick Beaumont loads the dice against piracy attack Anti-piracy preparation for your yacht Here are some simple rules that I have developed over the years to reduce a yacht and crews susceptibility to piracy. If you read and digest the information from the various sources below, you will realise that most acts of piracy are […]

On Board Security – Part Two

Global Piracy Hotspots by Dick Beaumont Piracy is any act of robbery or violence conducted against a vessel, from stealing a boat hook in a marina, to hijacking a yacht at sea and ransoming her crew. It’s important to put the threat of piracy in context; more people are killed in road accidents in one […]

Revisited The solent Rig

Dick Beaumont takes a look back at our Solent Rig article from March 2020 to respond to a readers comments. We recently received the following comment regarding our Solent Rig article from March 2020 so we threw it over to the articles writer, Dick Beaumont, for his response… The Solent RIG The principal difference between […]

Dropping Anchor

Readers’ favourite Anchorages of the World Showcasing your favourite anchorages. Makogai Island From Kraken Yachts Chairman Dick Beaumont Location: Makogai Island, Fiji, South Pacific Coordinates: 17°26.42’S 178°57.16’E Seabed: Good holding in fine sand Protection: Very good except for strong north westerlies. In the event of strong north westerlies, yachts can move to anchor south of […]

On Board Security – Part One

Guns On Board To arm or not to arm? That is the question. Should a gun be part of your onboard kit? It is a question many have asked since I first took to the sea in the late 1970s.  There are many factors to consider, practical as well as ethical, and I have spoken […]

Dropping Anchor

Readers’ favourite Anchorages of the World Showcasing your favourite anchorages. Whangaroa Bay From Ocean Sailor Reader Graham Wilding ,SY Chiquita Location: Whangaroa Bay, Bay of Islands, New Zealand Coordinates: 35°01.30’S 173°46.08’E Seabed: Good holding in mud Protection: Good protection from all wind directions Whangaroa Bay comes from the Maori word ‘Whaingaroa’ which means ‘what a […]

Dropping Anchor

Readers’ favourite Anchorages of the World Showcasing your favourite anchorages. Crocus Bay From Ocean Sailor Readers John & Heather Leslie Location: Crocus Bay, Anguilla Coordinates: 18°13.250’N 63°04.076’W Seabed: Fairly good holding in sand Protection: Good protection from the northeast to the south A lovely escape from the madness of St. Barts or Saint Martin is […]