Directed by Ali Tabrizi Available on Netflix Complaining Thai ‘slave’ workers being thrown overboard from rogue trawlers; Bluefin tuna being illegally landed at night in Japan and ‘ecologically safe to eat’ labels on tinned fish being debunked as fraudulent are just three of the ‘conspiracies’ thrown into this bouillabaisse of a documentary. All three issues […]


By Shane Acton Published by Patrick Stephens A recommendation by Ocean Sailor reader, Mary Bonney; “the book ‘Shrimpy’ by Shane Acton is a wonderful, inspiring story, if you can find an old copy.” Would you sail an 18ft, plywood bilge keeler across the North Sea? I wouldn’t, but Shane Acton sailed his Robert Tucker-designed Caprice […]

Voyaging with Kids

By Behan Gifford – Published by Pardey Publications “School’s out forever”, sang Alice Cooper, but for the three children of the Gifford family, it really was ‘goodbye blackboard, hello blue water’ as they set off on adventures aboard their classic ocean-girdling yacht, Totem, a Sparkman & Stephens drawn Stevens 47. Behan’s book could be used […]

From the pulpit

Ocean Sailor Podcast’s third edition, Firearms on Board, is available now across all podcast platform and this emotive issue is also the subject of this months leading article in Ocean Sailor Magazine. We debate the pros and cons of carrying weapons at sea…are they a positive security benefit, or a liability that will turn a […]

The Terror

Directed by Ridley Scott – Available on BBC iPlayer In my book, Amazing Sailing Stories (Published by Wiley Nautical, 2011) ships were found abandoned atop an ice-berg by sailor Robert Simpson. The discovery was made whilst he was on passage from Limerick to Quebec on his brig Renovation in 1852. It is likely he was […]

The RYA Weather Handbook

By Chris Tibbs Learn to read the sky and sea in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere with this easily grasped weather book, written by a man who is both an ocean sailor and a meteorologist. Practical information on theory, weather charts, clouds, predicting the wind, and the technology used in sourcing meteorological information abounds […]

Chasing Coral

Directed by J. C. Chandor Chasing Coral is both an excellent documentary video and a sobering wake-up call to the effects of climate change on our oceans. Directed by Jeff Orlowski, director of the Emmy award-winning Chasing Ice, he brings us closer to the beautiful world found under our oceans. Jeff founded the Ocean Agency […]

From the Pulpit

March 2021 Following Dick Durham’s investigation into container losses in last month’s Ocean Sailor, we have since heard that a further 750 containers were lost from the Maersk Eindhoven on the 17th Feb 2021. As Dick reported, the Maersk Essen lost over 700 containers on the 30th Jan 2021. That’s almost 1,500 containers in just […]

From the pulpit

February 2021 By Dick Beaumont – Chairman of Kraken Yachts Thanks to the restrictions imposed on us all by the virus I can’t say we’ve exactly hit the deck running in 2021, but we have been as busy as ever with Kraken Yachts and Ocean Sailor Magazine.  Dick Durham and I put out our first […]

Readers Q&A

Please ask any questions or let us know any comments you have about any element of blue water cruising or Ocean Sailor Magazine to and one of the OS team will answer you in this section. I recently subscribed to Ocean Sailor and I very much appreciate the wide range of topics you’re covering […]