Thames to Tahiti

By Sidney Howard Published by Rupert Hart-Davies 1951, First edition 1933. When Essex yachtsman Sidney Howard set off from a creek in Benfleet he had never even crossed the English Channel. This passage in Pacific Moon, a 38ft gaff cutter took him 12,000 miles to the South Seas and by the time he got there […]

Combing the Coral Carpet

The perfect cruising companion guide is Combing the Coral Carpet: Sailing Tales and the Cruising Guide to the Philippine Islands by Bruce Curran. Though currently out of print right, it will be available again soon thanks to support from Kraken 50 owner David Wilkinson, a close friend of the author. This comprehensive book provides information […]

Sailing to the Edge of Time

By John Kretschmer Published by Adlard Coles 2019. This book could be entitled Zen and the Art of Sailing Boat Maintenance, as, like the famed tome, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, the author John Kretschmer is both poet and practitioner. His philosophical take on blue water sailing leads him to deal with practical […]

Mariner’s Weather Handbook

By Steve & Linda Dashew Published by Beowulf, 1998, First edition. This book covers the whole subject of weather; what makes it, how to read it, how to predict it ; jet stream to wave patterns, low pressure tactics to hurricane avoidance, and everything in between, Steve and Linda Dashew leave nothing out. In over […]


By Dick Beaumont, Chairman of Kraken Yachts My thanks to Ocean Sailor reader, John Buckley, of Harbour Marine Services, for bringing the following to my attention: ‘Statement from the Chief Inspector of the Marine Accident Investigation Branch This report builds on the Safety Bulletin the MAIB issued last year, and there are some important safety […]

Thirty-Six Hours of Terror

Editors Pick Thirty-Six Hours Of Terror is one of my favourite from this captivating collection. The full-rigged ship, Frank N. Thayer, sailed from Manila in November 1885, bound for New York, laden with 1,600 tons of hemp. She never arrived.  This gripping story of mutiny, murder and survival will keep you turning the pages into […]

Storm Tactics

By Lin and Larry Pardey Published by Thomas Reed Publications, 1995. This well-known intrepid man and wife team have sailed around the world several times in small boats and this book is prestigiously endorsed: Cape Horn Tested! All manner of dealing with heavy weather conditions are explored including deploying a drogue, heaving-to and using a […]


Directed by Baltasar Kormakur When Hurricane Raymond spun westward across the Pacific Ocean in June 1983 a Trintella 44 Ketch, Hazana, was heading straight towards the storm’s path.  Onboard were skipper Richard Sharp and his fiancée Tami Oldham Ashcraft, the boat’s delivery crew on passage from Tahiti to San Diego. The boat was pitch-poled, dismasted […]

First Kraken 50 to go to the United States

By Dick Beaumont Chairman of Kraken Yachts I’m very pleased to announce we have now sold the first Kraken 50 that will go to the United States. Annapolis businessman and yachtsman Brian Ward has confirmed his purchase and his Kraken 50 will go into production on 1st November 2020. Congratulations Brian! I’m delighted that a […]