Diving from a Yacht

By Dick Beaumont A perfect day for me is fishing while I’m sailing to a dive spot. To accommodate this, my passage plan and destinations have been determined by a desire to dive somewhere no one else has dived, or an iconic dive site that otherwise one would have to book specialist liveaboard dive holidays […]

Man Overboard

By Mawgan Grace Cover Photo by anouar olh Every skipper worth his salt should have a clear and rehearsed MOB plan for recovering an crew member from overboard, writes Mawgan Grace.  This plan should be relayed and discussed with the crew so that they understand it as well. With new and unfamiliar crew, it is […]

Sailing The World Part One: Voyage Planning

A four-part series Before setting off on any offshore cruise it is essential to understand, in depth, the vagaries of the world’s weather systems and ocean currents. All sailors must be able to make their own decisions independently of any route planning services or pilot book.  They must develop their own voyage and passage plans, […]

How To Guide: Anchors Aweigh

Some of the best locations in the world are not accessible from marinas or harbours, but from anchorages, writes Dick Beaumont. There is however there an art to anchoring securely which has been overlooked in many quarters today thanks to the proliferation of marina-hopping. There are some excellent new anchor designs available today, Ultra, Delta, […]