Hybrid Drive – The Ultimate Cruising Solution

When I wrote the article Hybrid Power: Myth or Magic in the first edition of Ocean Sailor back in January 2020, hybrid drives were just beginning to be discussed within the cruising fraternity. Back then at Kraken, we had one or two clients that were vaguely interested in it. Fast forward two years or so […]

Where are we?

The sailor’s quest to pinpoint their location on the globe has a long and rich history as Dick Durham reports. The dusted periwig, silken scarf and gold-fluted jacket cannot soften the blunt-featured face or contour of the paunchy body of Admiral of the Fleet, Sir Cloudesley Shovell. When you look at his portrait in the […]

Going Spare – Part 2

As I said in Going Spare: Part 1, a lot depends on the age and type of yacht you have. If you have a relatively new yacht, you can expect to need fewer spares. That expectation however has to take account of the commitment of the crew to carry out daily, weekly and monthly checks. […]

Going Spare – Part 1

I was once told, when I didn’t have whatever spare part I needed; “ I don’t understand why you don’t just go through the whole boat from bow to stern and then get a spare for everything that could break.” That would have required us to tow a complete Tayana 58 behind us! However many […]

12 Days of Christmas

As the temperature drops and we move closer to the end of the year, it’s that time to start looking for festive gifts for the adventurous sailors in our lives. Not sure what to get? Have no fear, Ocean Sailor is here to provide some ideas. 1. JBL Waterproof Speakers JBL have a reputation for […]

Liferaft Lessons

By Dick Durham Ocean Safety Ltd has liferaft suppliers, service stations and liferaft hire facilities in the US, Europe and many places around the world. Steve Bockett, technical advisor at the Southampton-based outlet in the UK listed his key tips for Ocean Sailor readers: Do Make sure that you choose a liferaft that matches your […]


By Mawgan Grace Everything that has been achieved by man has been through effective leadership. From great historical battles to putting a man on the moon, sound leadership is a fundamental requirement for achieving goals.  So, what is leadership? In its simplest form leadership is about getting a team of people to work together effectively […]

Prevention is Better, Cheaper and Safer than the Cure

Creating and managing the checklists of your yacht. By Mawgan Grace Foreword by Dick Beaumont At Kraken Yachts we go to great lengths to ensure full access to all elements of the yacht’s equipment, systems and fittings. We know if a filter, strainer, sea chest, or even worse, the generator or engine, is hidden away […]

Turning back the clock

…To find a Pre-Owned yacht capable of Taking you Round the World By Dick Beaumont and Dick Durham Ocean Sailor reader Mary Bonney told us she cannot afford a Kraken 50, other than in her dreams, and she asked us if there might be yachts suitable to sail across oceans on the used yacht market? […]

Fire Down Below

By Mawgan Grace Apart from sinking, fire is the main reason crews abandon ship and therefore it’s essential to act quickly. The first purpose of having fire extinguishers onboard is to provide an exit path out of the cabin away from toxic fumes and smoke. Hulls are made out of plastics and timbers held together […]