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Come aboard

Come aboard

By Eric C Hiscock

This iconic book has to be on every cruiser’s bookshelf. It covers every aspect of blue water cruising and the people Eric and Susan met during their voyages around the world.

Whilst it was published more than 40 years ago, much of the subjects the book discusses are still very pertinent today, or should be, because their yachts, and the equipment they were fitted with, were thoroughbred blue water cruiser’s that gave nothing away to fad or fashion. 

As always, available from Amazon in both hard and paperback editions-new or used copies.

By Eric C Hiscock Publishers Oxford University Press 7th September 1978

“This book was a great inspiration and a motivator for me during the time I was building my first boat to go off on my sailing adventures, way back when. We can learn a lot from the information found in this book but perhaps even more by understanding the character and disposition of these pre-eminent blue water cruisers. Do read it and keep it.”

Dick Beaumont

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