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Over the last three years, since Ocean Sailors inception, the magazine has changed greatly and the content has expanded to comprise well over 40 pages each month and it is now regarded as one of the world’s leading sailing publications with over 11,000 readers per edition across 175 countries. 

Twelve months or so ago we also launched the Ocean Sailor Podcast in which Dick Durham and I discuss a wide range of blue water subjects with invited guests.

Since Ocean Sailor’s focus is on all things blue water, we hope you agree that it has become an indispensable cruisers journal. We want to diversify the OS net further now and hear more from our readers about the subjects they would like to see discussed in our columns. We’d also like to encourage the experienced sailor in our readership to share their knowledge and expertise in a more community driven environment.

Ocean Sailor is particularly unique because it carries no advertising. This has given us a free hand to remain impartial, unswayed by the pressure of advertising income bias.  We hope you agree that this autonomy makes OS a very valuable and reliable reference source for its readers.

We want to continue without revenue from advertisers for both Ocean Sailor Magazine and Ocean Sailor podcasts, but the costs generated by each publication and episode of the podcast is fast becoming untenable for Kraken Yachts as a sole sponsor, so we are now reaching out to our subscribers for voluntary monthly contributions via the much tested Patreon subscriber system.

We would prefer to fund Ocean Sailors activities without trying to coerce contributions by offering ad free publications to paying contributors only, and we would rather rely on the good nature of our readers to contribute however much they felt happy to. We have set an advisor level of just $5 a month (or you local currency equivalent), Patreon requires us to offer different contribution levels so please select whichever one you would like to. We hope you agree that for just the cost of a beer it’s worthwhile keeping the publication advertising free and going from strength to strength?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Dick Beaumont

Chairman and Founder of Ocean Sailor Magazine and Kraken Yachts

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