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First Kraken 50 to go to the United States

By Dick Beaumont

Chairman of Kraken Yachts

I’m very pleased to announce we have now sold the first Kraken 50 that will go to the United States.

Annapolis businessman and yachtsman Brian Ward has confirmed his purchase and his Kraken 50 will go into production on 1st November 2020.

Congratulations Brian!

I’m delighted that a Kraken will not only be going to the USA, but will be based in the very heartland of American sailboat cruising, Chesapeake Bay.

Brian will sail his new yacht from Istanbul, Turkey, where she will be built at our Tuzla shipyard to full ABYC specification. Her maiden voyage will see her head across the Mediterranean to Gibraltar then, across the Atlantic via the Canary Islands, through the Caribbean and onto Annapolis. She will be based here for two years until Brian’s retirement. Then he will sail off around the world, on a trip he has dreamed about for years.

Brian’s yacht, yet to be named, will be shown at the 2022 Annapolis Boat Show and the East Coast yachtsman says he’ll be happy to show off his K50 to compatriot sailors.

In the July edition of Ocean Sailor, I reported that interest in Kraken’s yachts was gaining momentum, as our brand establishes itself as the builder of the world’s best true blue water yachts. While no one wishes to benefit from the misery of others, there has been a sea change in mindset caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. During the last month many people have said words to the effect that Coronavirus has taught them not to put life-changing decisions on hold, but to act in the now before it’s too late. With all the concern over flying what better way to holiday and see the world than by sailing yacht, your exclusive luxury travelling bubble.

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