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From the Pulpit

From the Pulpit

March 2021

Following Dick Durham’s investigation into container losses in last month’s Ocean Sailor, we have since heard that a further 750 containers were lost from the Maersk Eindhoven on the 17th Feb 2021.

As Dick reported, the Maersk Essen lost over 700 containers on the 30th Jan 2021.

That’s almost 1,500 containers in just over two weeks, which makes the 1,400 a year figure estimated by the World Shipping Council look suspiciously low?!

Worryingly for sailors in the South China Seas, the Chinese government has just introduced new laws allowing its coast guard forces (CCG) “more freedom to use force” in the region. The CCG launched its largest maritime patrol vessel the Haixun 06, a week after the new laws were passed and we understand it will be deployed in the region.

China has laid claim to large areas of the hotly disputed Spratly Islands, a huge sprawling archipelago of tiny islands and atolls between The Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam and China. It’s an area I sailed and dived extensively around 10 years ago, but because of the aggressive actions of the CCG in recent times, it’s now considered a no go area for all yachtsmen and divers.  

Dick Durham and I posted our second Ocean Sailor podcast on the 22nd Feb and it’s available wherever you get your podcasts. This time we introduced our first guest, Max Lieberman, and we had great fun hearing about and discussing some of Max’s adventures.

We also discussed how climate change is effecting sailing, especially on extended offshore voyages and how we sailors can affect climate change ourselves by sailing more and motoring less. We’ve had mostly very good reactions to the podcast, but also one or two negative ones, to the subject itself and our views on it. We hope listeners can accept they are just that, our views only, you can take then or leave them, but I think just the fact that we are getting a response means sailors are listening to the podcast. We’d be delighted to hear from readers and listeners on any of the subjects we discuss or on subjects you’d like us to discuss, they will be posted in the newly titled article ‘Receiving You Loud and Clear’, found on page 2 of this months issue.

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