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From the pulpit

From the pulpit

Ocean Sailor Podcast’s third edition, Firearms on Board, is available now across all podcast platform and this emotive issue is also the subject of this months leading article in Ocean Sailor Magazine. We debate the pros and cons of carrying weapons at sea…are they a positive security benefit, or a liability that will turn a crisis into a catastrophe? It is a subject which has caused long and difficult discussions over the years, so I hope it helps with your own security planning. 

Our guest on this months podcast is Rene Tiemessen, an old friend of mine, whose first-hand experiences of piracy will raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

We’d love to hear your views and suggestions, or perhaps even your experiences on this emotive subject: hello@oceansailormagazine.com

At Kraken Yachts we have several announcements to make:

We have now successfully developed a truly go-anywhere electrical shore power system. The ‘Freedom Power System™’, can utilise 110- 120v x 60Hz, 220-240v x 50Hz of shore power and even 220-240v x 60Hz. The latter is less common than the other two, but is to be found in some iconic cruising destinations such as French Polynesia, Tahiti and a fair proportion of the Caribbean Islands, as well as the Philippines and parts of South America.

Until now such systems have only been available for Super Yachts due to their size and high cost. The cost of the Freedom upgrade, which incorporates a three-tier charger inverter failure redundancy system to keep everything running come what may, is just €12,450 for a Kraken 50. It will also be available for the Kraken 58 and 66 shortly.

We are also launching the K50 Eco based on a hybrid drive system from Hybrid Systems. This system will allow complete independence from diesel fuel under normal cruising conditions, but incorporates a 57hp Yanmar diesel power back up engine, which will drive the yacht at up 7kts if it’s necessary to use drive power for longer than a few hours.

If higher levels of battery charging are required than the multiple solar panel array and/ or the propellor regeneration can supply, the electric motor is then powered by the Yanmar engine which will produce 5kw. This can be increased to 8kw if a powerful 48v alternator is added to the engine, therefore the need for a separate generator is eliminated. This system hugely reduces the yachts carbon footprint and provides increased redundancies for drive and power generation.

Full specification details are available on request and an article detailing the benefits, consideration, equipment and the systems incorporated in the K50 Eco will be in the May Ocean Sailor edition.    

Due to readers’ demand, we are now designing a range of Ocean Sailor merchandise; sailing caps, t-shirts, polo shirts, sailing shirts and beer coolers, which will be available soon from the online shop on the Ocean Sailor website. 

We would appreciate your ideas for taglines to be incorporated into the merchandise. We have a few already, such as ‘Two things in life are truly free: the wind and Ocean Sailor Magazine’, and for the Ocean Sailor Podcast ‘I’ve got two Dicks in my ears!’.

Tag lines that make it through will win their creators a full set of Ocean Sailor merchandise. 

Please send your ideas to:


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