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Birth Of A 50ft Blue Water Yacht #04

Building the hull & deck: Part 3

The application of the primer and sanding are completed on the deck plug and painting starts.

Multiple coats of paint are applied to the deck plug to ensure a smooth finish.

The deck plinths are added and the plug is almost ready to be varnished.

The 6.5 tonne lead ballast arrives after being cast locally. This lead ballast which is housed in the bulb of the ZERO Keel offers the yacht an optimal centre of gravity without compromising our ethos of a fully integral keel.

A huge steel structure is craned into position and will be fixed to the bottom of the hull mould.

The structure is welded and fibre glassed onto the hull mould to provide a strong base for it to sit when removed from the male plug.

With the structure complete and the mould painted, it is ready to be removed from the plug one half at a time.

This huge operation was completed with three cranes and required delicate planning and precision during the process.

The mould half is carefully turned over and once in position, industrial strength wheels are added for ease of manoeuvring.

The mould half is wheeled into position and checked.

The second half is craned off the plug.

Both halves are wheeled into position and checked for imperfections. Both halves are ready to be connected and will be prepared with a release wax prior to commencement of lamination.

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