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Birth Of A 50ft Blue Water Yacht #05

Come below…to a K50 future

Following restrictions placed on us by the Covid 19 lockdown, we are unable to continue coverage of the K50 V2 build in this issue as we have paused production.

Instead, we are providing a sneak preview of yacht interior designer Donna Maree’s work on the project, maximising space to provide a bright, spacious and comfortable interior whilst retaining ample stowage. In this issue we can reveal how this works with the aft master cabin which features a large double berth, en-suite head and shower and impressive stowage and hanging space.

The standard timber choices are oak, cherry or walnut with an upgrade to teak available. The cabin sole is built with solid planking in either oak or walnut and again, with an upgrade, to teak or teak and holly stripe. The images shown here are of a lighter oak interior. 

The overall fabric and fibre choices lend the interior of this Kraken 50 to a more modern European style, but clients are able to choose darker, more traditional timbers depending on personal taste and requirements.

Each element of a Kraken interior is meticulously designed to ensure comfort and safety, as the yacht is built to cruise worldwide and cross oceans. To that end each corner is radiused to prevent injury, there are abundant handholds and each surface includes strong fiddle rails. 

The aft cabin includes four large non opening port-lights, two large opening deck hatches and a smaller portlight which opens to the cockpit. These ensure the cabin is well lit and ventilated. 

The large, comfortable, double berth on the centre line, sports berth length lee boards that can be flipped up and locked into place in heavy weather. Large drawers are built into the foot of the berth and a section raised on gas struts provides extra stowage.

The berth side tables have been redesigned to offer more drawer storage and include a recessed top section to prevent items sliding around when underway. Large drawers are available at the foot of the berth, again with a section raised on gas struts to both port and starboard. 

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