Along the Clipper Way

By Francis Chichester Published by: Hodder & Stoughton 1966 Down the Atlantic around the Cape of Good Hope across the Southern Ocean to Australia the clippers went, rolling and pitching towards the rewards of carrying freights of gold, wool and grain. Chichester sails the reader along the great clipper way and then on around Cape […]

The Last of the Windjammers Volume 1 & 2

By Basil Lubbock Published by: Brown, Son & Ferguson (Reprinted 1969) These two hefty volumes were a continuation of Lubbock, himself a square-rig sailor, and his history of the China Clippers, a book with the eponymous title, which covered these great ships before the Suez Canal was cut. After the canal was open these two […]

Dropping Anchor May

Readers’ favourite Anchorages of the World. Showcasing your favourite anchorages. Blue Lagoon From Douglas, Ocean Sailor reader from Scotland Location: Blue Lagoon (Krknjaši), Split, Croatia Coordinates: 43°26.35’N 16°10.37’E Seabed: Good holding in sand and rock Protection: Well protected from most directions The crystal clear waters, stunning cities and excellent seafood of the Dalmatian coast cements […]


By Alfred Lansing Published by: Hodder & Stoughton (1959) The subtitle is quite a claim, but one that still stands, decades after Lansing wrote it. The fact that it continues to be in print, by various publishers, says it all. But perhaps the reason this particular adventure is more of a ripping yarn than most […]

The Cruise of the Cachalot

By Frank Bullen Published by: Smith, Elder & Co (1902) The first mate of the US whaleship, Cachalot, Englishmen Frank Bullen, took an extra watch one night as another officer was off sick. His burdensome duty was repaid when he witnessed a fight between two great creatures of the deep on the moonlit sea of […]

Cold Turkey

When you mention Turkey to most people they instinctively think of warm evenings and baking sun, and whilst generally, that’s about right for Bodrum and further south it’s certainly not true for Istanbul in winter. I learnt this the hard way, on a passage I had long planned; sailing White Dragon from Tuzla Marina, Istanbul […]

Dropping Anchor April

Readers’ favourite Anchorages of the World. Showcasing your favourite anchorages. Dwejra Bay From Jeremy, Ocean Sailor reader from the UK Location: Dwejra Bay, Gozo, Malta Coordinates: 36°2.81’N 14°11.48’E Seabed: Good holding in sand  Protection: Very well protected anchorage from all sides Even if you have not heard of Dwejra Bay before, I am certain you […]