The Eighth Commandment

The right transom for a blue water yacht Filip Sochaj, Krakens Head of Design, explains why blue water yachts need a reverse shear transom and how we improved it further. It must be accepted that a blue water yachts design needs to incorporate some features that a regular cruising racer / holiday yacht may not […]

Man Overboard

By Mawgan Grace Cover Photo by anouar olh Every skipper worth his salt should have a clear and rehearsed MOB plan for recovering an crew member from overboard, writes Mawgan Grace.  This plan should be relayed and discussed with the crew so that they understand it as well. With new and unfamiliar crew, it is […]

Birth Of A 50ft Blue Water Yacht #11

This month we start lamination on the newly built deck mould and continue to work on the interior of the hull. As systems are being prepared for installation, the prop shaft is installed and holes are cut to install the Kraken V Bracket. The V bracket is placed and heavily bolted through the hull until […]