On Board Security – Part Three

Dick Beaumont loads the dice against piracy attack Anti-piracy preparation for your yacht Here are some simple rules that I have developed over the years to reduce a yacht and crews susceptibility to piracy. If you read and digest the information from the various sources below, you will realise that most acts of piracy are […]

On Board Security – Part Two

Global Piracy Hotspots by Dick Beaumont Piracy is any act of robbery or violence conducted against a vessel, from stealing a boat hook in a marina, to hijacking a yacht at sea and ransoming her crew. It’s important to put the threat of piracy in context; more people are killed in road accidents in one […]

On Board Security – Part One

Guns On Board To arm or not to arm? That is the question. Should a gun be part of your onboard kit? It is a question many have asked since I first took to the sea in the late 1970s.  There are many factors to consider, practical as well as ethical, and I have spoken […]