Snake Boats Of India

René and Edith are still in India, where they have sailed most of the western coastline and are staying in the city of Cochin on their beloved classic sailing yacht Alondra. Edith, now 5-months pregnant, and René are working on the maintenance while enjoying the vibrant and frantic culture of this majestic yet almost impossible […]

Voyage Of The Damned

90 years after Donald Crowhurst was born, Dick Durham, who interviewed his eldest son Simon, looks back over his tragic last voyage. The Teignmouth Electron before it fell into complete decay. There’s not much left of Teignmouth Electron’s hull, just a few sun-bleached and delaminating sections of plywood, a rudder blade frozen to its stock […]

The Royal Cruising Club

FIRST IN AN OCCASIONAL SERIES OF YACHT CLUBS & INSTITUTIONS By Paul Heiney, Commodore You’d expect a club with so much saltwater running in its veins to have at least been born somewhere near the coast. The truth is that it began as an association of gentlemen from the UK’s City of Wolverhampton – not […]