Turkey to Thailand – Part 5

Part 5: Alondra finally reaches the vibrant, mystical, raw… India The view that greeted us. Left: Taj Hotel. Center: Gateway to India, Right: Royal Bombay Yacht Club The last leg of Alondra’s voyage to India. A land unknown to sailors. Rich, poor, untold culture and with a beautiful coast. Part 5 is about the journey […]

Turkey to Thailand – Part 4

Part 4: Alondra in Yemen and Oman; an unknown part of Arabia The impressive coastline During the penultimate stretch for Alondra, Edith and René sail along the south of the Red Sea, via the strait of Bab-el-Mandeb towards Yemen and Oman. In the fourth part of their journey from Turkey to Thailand; a story about […]

Turkey to Thailand – Part 3

Part 3: Pearls of the Red Sea Already three months on passage, René and Edith arrive in the south of the Red Sea. They visit Sudan and Eritrea among other places onboard their classic sailing yacht, Alondra. Here’s part three, a report of an impressive sea with equally impressive countries. Towards Sudan We want to […]

Turkey to Thailand – Part 2

Part 2: Alondra in the Land of the Pharaohs René and Edith are sailing from Turkey to Thailand on their 60ft classic Phillip Rhodes sloop, built in 1965. It is a unique adventure that we will be bringing you in several exciting instalments. This month we join René and Edith as they leave the shores […]

Turkey to Thailand – Part 1

Part 1: The start of a long voyage… ‘What a lot of experienced sailors’, I muse. We listened to the Rally Leader during the briefing at the start of the rally in Kekova, Turkey. All 20 participants sat in a circle and I appraised everyone. I estimate at least a thousand years of experience is […]

Convoy of fear

A face-off with gun-toting pirates left a family sailor with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Dick Durham discovers. I’m looking at a perfectly tooled paperweight of a schooner suspended in turquoise glass, but then a bikini-clad woman walks along the deck and jumps overboard. This is no ship-in-a-bottle, this is reality. A reality that Dutch-born sailor, […]