By Mawgan Grace Everything that has been achieved by man has been through effective leadership. From great historical battles to putting a man on the moon, sound leadership is a fundamental requirement for achieving goals.  So, what is leadership? In its simplest form leadership is about getting a team of people to work together effectively […]


The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System Cover Photo by Matt Hardy The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) is an internationally agreed set of safety procedures, equipment, and communication protocols used to increase safety, making it easier to rescue people in distress. There are now two satellite providers of GMDSS: Inmarsat, which is […]

The Eighth Commandment

The right transom for a blue water yacht Filip Sochaj, Krakens Head of Design, explains why blue water yachts need a reverse shear transom and how we improved it further. It must be accepted that a blue water yachts design needs to incorporate some features that a regular cruising racer / holiday yacht may not […]

For a blue water yacht, which is best, a keel or deck-stepped mast?

From a safety perspective it will always be better to have a keel -stepped mast. Dismasting is arguably the sixth worst hazard a sailor faces, after keel loss, rudder failure, gas explosion, fire, and man overboard. The principles are self-evident. With a keel-stepped mast the foot is sat on the keel and locked into position […]