Sailor Girl

Mother-of-three Erin Carey tells Dick Durham how she and her husband ditched their jobs, sold their house, and emigrated to find blue water. When teenager Erin Carey started sailing on a muddy pond in the Australian bush town of Wagga Wagga, she dreamed of going shopping with her two sisters instead. She became even more […]

One Tack Forward Two Tacks Back

A former fashion model picked up her husband-to-be’s dream of global voyaging and together they turned it into a reality. Now more than 70,000 subscribers are sharing their journey, as Dick Durham discovers. It started back in 2015 when Adam Seeber, then 28, rang the bell of a cheap, house-share, rental block in Melbourne, Australia. […]

Sailing The World Part Four: On Passage

A Four-part series Start your voyage by choosing a weather window that offers at least two days of easy sailing with wind strengths of 10-15kts if at all possible. If a big blow has just gone through, allow a couple of days for the swell to die down. The first consideration should be ensuring the […]

Sailing The World Part Two: Passage Planning

A four part series Passages and their planning consist of the three Ds: departure, duration and destination, but they must include the factors mentioned under voyage planning: understanding currents and a long-term overview of wind trends. It’s important to bear in mind the general wind trend if the passage is five days or over, because […]

Sailing The World Part One: Voyage Planning

A four-part series Before setting off on any offshore cruise it is essential to understand, in depth, the vagaries of the world’s weather systems and ocean currents. All sailors must be able to make their own decisions independently of any route planning services or pilot book.  They must develop their own voyage and passage plans, […]