The Real Deal

By Herb A video by Mike Anderson Distrubuted by & (2021) In last months’ Ocean Sailor, Dick Durham interviewed Lin Pardey about the new movie documenting her and her late husband Larry Pardey’s life on the ocean. The Real Deal is an intimate profile created by Mike Anderson, video producer and boatbuilder and […]

Monohull VS Multihull

Following on from our readers question in the December issue about the suitability of catamarans for world cruising, Dick Durham investigates. He talked to three experienced sailors for their opinions and stories. Charlie Doane Fired up by sailing books such as Dove, by Robin Lee Graham, Song of the Sirens, by Ernest K. Gann and […]

The man who never stops sailing

Many consider ocean legend, John Kretschmer, the world’s greatest authority on blue water sailing. As he prepares for his longest voyage to date: a five-year circumnavigation, Dick Durham manages to catch him off watch… Click. When the numbers on John Kretschmer’s sailing odometer reached 300,000 miles, he stopped counting. ‘It seems absurd to keep tallying […]