Spring Time

It’s Spring Time! Time to dust off your skills and remember this very useful manoeuvre. Many of you may think that springing off and onto a mooring is simple but having just completed my RYA instructor course it was interesting to see how even experienced sailors struggled with the planning, concept and execution of this […]

On Board Security – Part One

Guns On Board To arm or not to arm? That is the question. Should a gun be part of your onboard kit? It is a question many have asked since I first took to the sea in the late 1970s.  There are many factors to consider, practical as well as ethical, and I have spoken […]

The Philippines: Sailing the Coral carpet

Trystan Grace threads his way through this tapestry of exotic islands. When you sip a drink at a marina bar in the Philippines (with more than 7,600 islands there are an awful lot of waterside bars to sup in, in this Pacific Ocean archipelago), you may find yourself getting unexpectedly tipsy. That’s because a double […]