Turning back the clock

…To find a Pre-Owned yacht capable of Taking you Round the World By Dick Beaumont and Dick Durham Ocean Sailor reader Mary Bonney told us she cannot afford a Kraken 50, other than in her dreams, and she asked us if there might be yachts suitable to sail across oceans on the used yacht market? […]

Designing a kraken cockpit

A three-part series Part Three: Biminis, Dodgers and Pilot Houses The essence of a Kraken cockpit Kraken Yachts’ design engineer Filip Sochaj explains the Kraken approach. Come rain or shine, storm or calm the helmsman and crew need to operate the yacht from the cockpit and the bimini is there to provide shelter in all […]

Are we facing a keel and rudder failure ‘time-bomb’?

Standfirst: Such is the concern about keel and rudder failure among marine industry regulators that Kraken News will be keeping its readers informed. In this month’s issue we report on the latest near fatal keel loss. Also the warnings made by the Government’s Marine Accident and Investigation Branch (MAIB)  Bolt-on keels must be checked: official […]