Satellites, Systems & Software

By Tom Cooper All owners should consider these key points, before getting into the technicalities: Crew expectations Requirement for connectivity? Destination to explore Where, remote or populated regions? Communication needs Emergency, weather and emails or highly active internet users? There is no silver bullet to being connected unless you’re prepared to throw a lot of […]

The Power to Roam

110v or 240v? Tom Cooper explains Kraken’s go-Anywhere plug & play solution for sailing the world. Eighty percent of the world uses 220-240V with the remaining twenty percent using 110-120V. The twenty percent includes the USA, Canada and the Japan Islands and a few other countries. How many European or Antipodean cruisers won’t want to […]

Modern Yacht Electrical Systems

The Kraken view of a complex subject By Tom Cooper, CEO of Kraken Yachts Our objective was to design a system based on a sensible balance of the technologies available today to deliver reliable, robust electrical and electronic systems that have all the modern features but doesn’t need a Nasa Scientist to operate them. For […]