Bean & Pulse Stew

By Dick Beaumont This is a really staple dish for ocean passage making for five reasons… Since it contains no meat or fish it will last for several days without freezing, so a nice big pot can be cooked up and put on standby for crew that need a hot and tasty meal at any […]

Lobster Linguine

By Rob Beaumont Ingredients 100g Cubed Pancetta (guanciale is best) or bacon 10 -12 Finely diced shallots 2 Finely diced leeks 2 Finely diced sticks celery 3 Finely diced garlic cloves 6 – 8 Minced sun-dried tomatoes 100g Tomato purée  6 – 8 Skinned plum tomatoes deseeded and diced 1/2 Tsp Cayenne pepper  4 – […]