Sailing the Andaman Sea

With over 1,400 islands, Thailand is a sailor’s paradise By Trystan Grace With the wintery weather taking a grip in the UK and Europe, we travel to Thailand this month and slip the lines in Phuket, writes Trystan Grace. This is a beautiful part of the world and a great playground for sailors from all […]

Droning On

The most stunning pictures of your boat will be taken from a drone. Photographer Trystan Grace tells us how. Many people tell me that flying a drone for the first time over water is very daunting, but I maintain that learning to fly over water is simple, if you are completely familiar with the controls […]

The Philippines: Sailing the Coral carpet

Trystan Grace threads his way through this tapestry of exotic islands. When you sip a drink at a marina bar in the Philippines (with more than 7,600 islands there are an awful lot of waterside bars to sup in, in this Pacific Ocean archipelago), you may find yourself getting unexpectedly tipsy. That’s because a double […]

The Tropical Wonderland of Palau

With a shark sanctuary the size of France, un-defused booby traps in wartime tunnels, a Kamikaze plane crashed in the trees, and jellyfish that don’t sting… Trystan Grace recalls his time in Paradise. With an air of trepidation and a lust for adventure tinged with an element of disbelief, I found myself sailing out of […]

Birth Of A 50ft Blue Water Yacht #06

Trystan Grace walks us through a Kraken 50 galley They say ‘the way to a sailors heart is through his or her stomach’! So, galley design, especially on a world cruising yacht is very important. It needs to be functional, safe, light, airy and easy to clean. Each Kraken follows this design brief, providing an […]