Cold Turkey

When you mention Turkey to most people they instinctively think of warm evenings and baking sun, and whilst generally, that’s about right for Bodrum and further south it’s certainly not true for Istanbul in winter. I learnt this the hard way, on a passage I had long planned; sailing White Dragon from Tuzla Marina, Istanbul […]

Dropping Anchor August

Readers’ favourite Anchorages of the World. Showcasing your favourite anchorages. Cuttyhunk From John, Ocean Sailor reader from the United States Location: Cuttyhunk, Elizabeth Islands, Massachusetts, USA Coordinates: 41°25.53’N 70°55.60’W Seabed: Mix of mud and sand in 3-5 meters of water Protection: Weather favourable anchorage from prevailing west and southwest winds The sailing around the New […]

Convoy of fear

A face-off with gun-toting pirates left a family sailor with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Dick Durham discovers. I’m looking at a perfectly tooled paperweight of a schooner suspended in turquoise glass, but then a bikini-clad woman walks along the deck and jumps overboard. This is no ship-in-a-bottle, this is reality. A reality that Dutch-born sailor, […]