Where the dragons met

White Dragon sails to meet the Komodo Dragons By Dick Beaumont This trip enabled me to experience once again my perfect day on the sea: fishing while sailing to a dive site! A hundred books or more have been written about the almost mythical Island of Bali, and it continues to entrance its visitors still. […]

Birth Of A 50ft Blue Water Yacht #17

The Kraken 50 is in the final stages of build now, but our much anticipated launch on 3rd May has been pushed back until June because the Turkish government has just announced the country is to be locked down until 17th May. The final equipment and cabinetry are being fitted to the yacht with ongoing […]

Fire Down Below

By Mawgan Grace Apart from sinking, fire is the main reason crews abandon ship and therefore it’s essential to act quickly. The first purpose of having fire extinguishers onboard is to provide an exit path out of the cabin away from toxic fumes and smoke. Hulls are made out of plastics and timbers held together […]

Diesel Bug

The growing threat to a yacht’s fuel system Up to 80% of breakdowns and failures on blue water cruising yachts are due to fuel contamination. With restrictions imposed from the pandemic and sailors unable to visit their yachts for regular maintenance, this is a timely concern. What is Diesel Bug? Diesel bug is a general […]