The RYA Weather Handbook

By Chris Tibbs Learn to read the sky and sea in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere with this easily grasped weather book, written by a man who is both an ocean sailor and a meteorologist. Practical information on theory, weather charts, clouds, predicting the wind, and the technology used in sourcing meteorological information abounds […]


By Dick Beaumont The first time I visited the Scilly Isles was as a seven-year-old boy in 1960 for a family holiday. My dad had booked a flight out from Lands End Airport to St Mary’s to stay at a guest house there. “The Scillies had begun to weave its magical spell on me, but […]

Sail to save the planet

More rain, more wind and rising sea levels as our climate continues to change gear. Dick Durham taps the barometer. Scientists are measuring what sailors are experiencing first hand; a marked change in weather patterns. Gales are more frequent, rainfall is increasing, and ocean currents are changing. Kraken Yachts’ chairman Dick Beaumont has experienced nightmarish […]

Monohull VS Multihull

Following on from our readers question in the December issue about the suitability of catamarans for world cruising, Dick Durham investigates. He talked to three experienced sailors for their opinions and stories. Charlie Doane Fired up by sailing books such as Dove, by Robin Lee Graham, Song of the Sirens, by Ernest K. Gann and […]

Droning On

The most stunning pictures of your boat will be taken from a drone. Photographer Trystan Grace tells us how. Many people tell me that flying a drone for the first time over water is very daunting, but I maintain that learning to fly over water is simple, if you are completely familiar with the controls […]

A Weather Eye: Part Two

Plain sailing or battling storms: You chose By Dick Beaumont The sailor’s ability to access weather charts during ocean passages via satellite has reduced the probability of running into heavy weather. Undoubtably it improves safety at sea immeasurably. Although it will never be an alternative to a blue water yacht’s liferaft, I believe it to […]

A Weather Eye: Part ONE

By Dick Beaumont Offshore satellite communications have improved beyond recognition over recent years. Time was when skippers had to rely on HF radio transmissions or weather fax, which were based on the same communication system, to access weather. Most radio operators, for that’s what you needed to be, would agree that the vagaries and complications […]

Sailing The World Part Two: Passage Planning

A four part series Passages and their planning consist of the three Ds: departure, duration and destination, but they must include the factors mentioned under voyage planning: understanding currents and a long-term overview of wind trends. It’s important to bear in mind the general wind trend if the passage is five days or over, because […]

Cape Crusader

Ocean Sailor reader, Kevin Ward, reports on a gruelling passage back to Cape Town from Madagascar… South Africa pushes it’s Southern Cape into the Southern Ocean. The Cape of Good Hope is flanked on either side by two of the planets other great oceans, to the west the Atlantic and to the east the Indian […]