The Ten Commandments

of Blue Water yacht design & construction By Dick Beaumont ‘Five years ago or so, Dick Durham, then Editor-at-Large with Yachting Monthly magazine and a correspondent for Classic Boat magazine called me. He told me he was considering writing an article on what design features are necessary for a blue water yacht and asked if […]

Back to the drawing board

Foreword by Dick Beaumont Chairman of Kraken Yachts Over the past 4 years, Kraken’s have been test sailed and reviewed by most, if not all, of the world’s top sailing publications, as well as dozens of clients and visiting sailors. In all of the comments and articles written about our yachts, there has only ever […]

Birth Of A 50ft Blue Water Yacht #12

With only 12 weeks to go to launch Sofia Marie, the first K50v2 is shaping up fast. This month the deck is removed from the deck mould and work continues on the interior and cabinetry. The deck mould is moved into position and strops are connected to lifting points. The deck is lifted free of […]

Understanding Yacht Design: Part Two

A three-part series: Part Two Naval architect Filip Sochaj explains the complexities of hull form For new readers just joining Ocean Sailor, this is part two of a series of articles in which we take a deeper look at the world of yacht design. We examine how statistics and ratios shape the yacht, how they […]

Understanding Yacht Design

A three-part series: Part 1 Filip Sochaj takes us through the complex matrix that lies behind hull configuration, form and stability. ‘I can prove anything by statistics except the truth’ George Canning In recent years the yachting industry has become very focused on quoting statistics and ratings. While numbers, or algorithms help analyse characteristics or […]