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The Ashley Book of Knots

By Clifford W. Ashley

If you’ve ever tried untangling a ‘bunch of buggers’, as the salty phrase for a spaghetti of knots was named by the sailors of yesteryear, then it might not surprise you to know that the author of this book spent 11 years researching and learning how to tie bends of all kinds. What might surprise you is that he found and categorised an astonishing 3,854 knots and published this book way back in 1944. 

Described by mariners as the ‘bible of bends’ the tome includes a guide on how to tie them, what they are used for as well as historic yarns about their genesis.

The International Guild of Knot Tyers was involved with editing the book in 1991 and brought it up to date.

Also available on Amazon amongst other places.

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