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Birth Of A Blue Water Yacht #12

With only 12 weeks to go to launch Sofia Marie, the first K50v2 is shaping up fast. This month the deck is removed from the deck mould and work continues on the interior and cabinetry.

The deck mould is moved into position and strops are connected to lifting points.

The deck is lifted free of the mould and checked.

Once turned over, the deck is lifted onto the hull for dry fitting.

The deck is lifted back down, the team set about removing hatch plants and trimming the rough edges.

The carpentry team assembles and fits the interior furnishing structure. In the engine room, extra sound proof panelling is used to minimise machinery sound throughout the yacht.

Plumbing and electrical wiring is neatly laid. Here we can see the cable trays running cabling looms throughout the yacht.

The generator is the first plant to be installed in the engine room.

Preliminary flooring is laid prior to the timber cabin sole. Floor hatches will be built to line up with the tank inspection hatches.

The carpentry team is working on the interior cabinetry. The galley units are near completion and are ready to be varnished.

High quality real wood veneers are used throughout and matched to the solid wood timbers. Each element is sanded and prepared for varnishing.

Once ready, the cabinetry is sprayed with varnish and set to dry.

Each element of the cabinetry is checked and is ready to go to the yacht. This photo shows the teak cockpit table ready for final assembly.

This photograph shows a shaped and radiused fiddle rail. It demonstrates the extremely high quality craftsmanship of the carpentry team.

The finished drawers and units are set aside and ready to be taken to the yacht.

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