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Birth Of A Blue Water Yacht #16

With the launch date approaching fast, the final systems are installed and the carpentry work moves forward quickly throughout the yacht. On deck, the stainless steel fittings are being polished ready to be installed and the cockpit takes shape as the bespoke helm console is fabricated.

In the aft cabin, the bed frame and base and furniture are being installed.

The deckheads and wall lining panels are checked in situ before the coverings are applied.

The forward berth cabinetry is also installed here too. All surfaces are meticulously wrapped to protect them.

Now the fuel, fresh/seawater systems and cabling are in, the team make sure each area is cleaned so all sawdust, fibreglass particles and cable tie tails are removed, leaving the bilges clean and ensuring the bilge pumps do not become clogged with debris.

The deck is now cleaned and prepared and the templates for the Flexiteek deck are checked before it is fitted.

Teak steps are installed on the transom and areas are marked for the stainless steel Kraken electric davits.

The companionway steps get their first of nine coats of varnish.

The cockpit command centre, Kraken designed, helm console is finished, ready for a tooling mould to be taken.

This shows the skeleton and subframes of the unique Alpha Rudder System™.

Click here to read more about the
Kraken Alpha Rudder System™

The rigid fixed bimini frame is now under construction in the stainless steel workshop.

The pushpit is almost finished with only the teak ‘gin and tonic’ seats needing to be fitted before installation on the transom.

The plexiglass and stainless steel windscreen are now in the tooling. You can see the channel in the top where the flexible clear front screen panels will slide in, once the top frame of the bimini is fitted and covered in Ferrari Stamoid.

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