In Build at Kraken Yachts

The birth of a blue water yacht

After returning from lock-down the Kraken 50 continues to take shape.

As reported in our last update we left off with a completed mould, ready to start lamination of a new Kraken 50. 

Although the hull mould was completed, there is still work to be done on the deck mould. The painting and polishing are completed and preparations are being made to start building it from the completed plug.

Plants are made for the windscreen. The deck hatch plants are also prepared and will be positioned according to the layout. This is configured, and if necessary customised further, to suit each clients requirements. No two Krakens are the same.

The hull mould is prepared for lamination. The surfaces are polished and a releasing wax is applied for the eventual de-moulding. Floating platforms are moved into place.

The gelcoat process is started, in this case the client chose a very smart grey.

Teams work together to ensure a steady stream of fresh gelcoat for the paint team.

Once the gelcoat is complete, the lamination of the hull is the next step.

As we went to press, two layers of fibreglass have now been laid. The full lamination process will be completed in July.

Lamination of the hull is not the only area of focus throughout June. The metalwork teams set about creating and polishing the many stainless parts found throughout the yacht. The carpentry teams are also hard at work building interior furniture and creating the high quality veneers.
The massive internal structure of the skeg that protects every Kraken rudder is now fabricated.

Equipment for the yacht starts to arrive. Each part is checked and taken for storage until required for installation.

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