In Build at Kraken Yachts

The birth of the blue water yacht

August was a busy month at the yard as the completion of the deck mould and the main structural elements were installed into the laminated hull.

The deck plug is now ready with non-skid areas and plants installed. The surfaces are extensively cleaned and polished in preparation for the gelcoat.

The teams work together to ensure a steady and consistent process for spraying the gelcoat. An even finish is important.

Once the gelcoat has been applied and dried, the teams start the lamination of the female mould. If you would like to see a time-lapse of the whole process, please visit our Facebook page.

The lamination of the mould is now complete however, structural elements are required to provide strength. Metal bars are laid to create a frame.

The structure is then laminated and apart from painting, the deck mould is now ready.

We now move to the hull mould which has also seen a lot of work this month. The teams prepare to install the longitudinal and transverse structure which provides the ultimate structural integrity of a Kraken yacht.

The transverse frames extend deep into the ZERO Keel™

These transverse stringers are then laminated whilst further foam elements are cut and placed.

The longitude frames are cut, placed and laminated while the teams start work on the bulkheads.

Vacuum bagging is used with the bulkheads to make sure all the cover laminate has uniform resin distribution and that there are no gaps between the laminate and the core.

As the final structural frames are laminated, the bulkheads are lowered into place and laminated into the hull.

Don’t miss the hull and deck demoulding in next months edition.

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