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Birth Of A 50ft Blue Water Yacht #10

September has been extremely busy as we see the deck mould and hull de-moulded.

The yard crane is connected and takes the load of the hull whilst the two halves of the mould are disconnected.

Each side is removed and moved out of the way to leave the beautifully finished hull.

Once free, the design and shop floor teams check the hull. All very good.

The hull is moved and lowered into position on a custom made cradle which will be her home until she is ready to hit the water.

The deck mould was released from the male plug and carefully lifted up and off.

The crane turns the deck mould over to rest on its pre-made structure.

The team sets about preparing the deck mould for lamination. It is cleaned, waxed and polished prior to the gelcoat being applied. Plants are also inserted for the deck hatches and lockers.

With the structure completed whilst the hull was in the mould, the final bulkheads are installed in preparation for plumbing, system installation and interior fit out.

Internal structure showing the large master cabin space.

With the aft cabin carpentry almost finished, the carpentry team started work on the galley.  Note the cold moulding of solid timbers for the door between the galley and master cabin.

The cabinetry for the galley is built and inserted into the galley mock up.

This photo shows the beautifully radiused corners of the handcrafted cabinetry.

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