The Dollymans or Truckers Hitch

This is a very useful hitch for tying down loose canisters, drums, spars, or jerrycans, or for providing tension to a halyard that may be needed as an emergency rigging stay.

It’s origins, as with many knots, was on the square riggers where a line was needed to put further tension on rigging utilizing dolly’s ( wooden pegs ), that were stationed at various parts of the rope standing rigging.

It’s also called a truckers hitch because truckers used it to secure down cargo on a trailer. 

  1. Tie a slippery half-hitch in middle of rope to make a loop – tie at the end
  2. Make a turn around a cleat and bring end up to loop
  3. Now pull down the tail of the hitch until good tension is achieved and secure with two half hitches.

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