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The Kraken 58 Mould

In-build at Kraken Yachts

Over at Metyx, the Kraken 58 mould building is progressing well. The hull plug is currently being built prior to being used to build the Kraken 58 mould.


Metyx starts with foam blocks mounted to a skeleton frame. These are then CNC cut into shape and laminated.


Once lamination is complete, it is covered in putty.


When the putty is dry, the large CNC machine starts to shape the final hull form from the putty.


Once this process is complete, the plug is sprayed with topcoat and gelcoat before being sanded and polished.


Currently, the aft section of the plug is being shaped. Both sections will be joined together before making the final mould.


The transom section of the plug has already been completed.


And finally, the beautifully sculpted ZERO Keel™ plug has been finished. Both sections of the plug and ZERO Keel™ will be joined together before making the final mould.


And another angle of the ZERO Keel™!

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