Butterfly Knot

A useful midline knot that originates from mountain climbing, but is very useful on a yacht. It’s among the most secure of knots and it can be done in just three steps.


  • Does not slip easily once set properly
  • Easy to untie
  • Fast to tie once its familiar.
  • Suitable for three-way loading
  • Uses less rope than other similar knots like the figure 8
  • Allows easy adjustments of the loop sizes
  • Comparatively more stable than other midline knots like the figure 8 loop and bowline on a bight


  • Needs some practice to perfect the knot
  • Difficult to tie with one hand
  • Improper tying can result in a ‘false butterfly knot’, which looks similar, but is inferior in quality


  • Typically used for creating loops to add eyes and shackles in any line
  • Isolating a worn out part in the rope
  • It’s really good to cinch down loose items on the deck

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