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The Real Deal

By Herb A video by Mike Anderson

Distrubuted by Thesailingchannel.tv & Paracay.com (2021)

In last months’ Ocean Sailor, Dick Durham interviewed Lin Pardey about the new movie documenting her and her late husband Larry Pardey’s life on the ocean. The Real Deal is an intimate profile created by Mike Anderson, video producer and boatbuilder and a longtime friend of Larry. The documentary is fascinating, focusing on not

only the sailing life of the couple but also the painstaking build of their boat, Taliesin, and how they touched the lives of other sailors and boatbuilders hoping to follow in their footsteps. There is some excellent footage of their voyage east to west around Cape Horn which really highlights the perils of the world’s most notorious cape. The documentary is available on Vimeo to rent or buy as a digital download or on dvd. Links to the online version and DVD of The Real Deal can be found below:

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