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The RYA Weather Handbook

The RYA Weather Handbook

By Chris Tibbs

Learn to read the sky and sea in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere with this easily grasped weather book, written by a man who is both an ocean sailor and a meteorologist. Practical information on theory, weather charts, clouds, predicting the wind, and the technology used in sourcing meteorological information abounds throughout its pages.

This new edition is fully updated and provides all the information required about obtaining forecasts from the growing use of technology. It shows you how to monitor the tell-tale signs around you for any indication that the weather may not be what was forecast.

The areas that have been substantially updated and enhanced with additional content are:

  • Tropical weather (hurricanes, cyclones and sailing in the tropics)
  • Climate change
  • New technology

The illustrations have also been redrawn and redesigned, bringing clarity to the most complex subjects.
It’s a must for the onboard library, my own copy is dog-eared, sweat-stained and well-thumbed with diesel oil prints!

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